Legal Disclaimer

WARNING: Polyurethane Foam is Flammable
Improper handling of flexible polyurethane foam during storage or use may present a risk of fire. Do not expose polyurethane foam to potential sources of ignition such as welding, burning cigarettes, contact with naked lights, open flames, space heaters or uncontrolled burning operations. In the event of ignition, polyurethane foam may burn rapidly.

Precautions for Storage and Handling:
Users should take appropriate precautions in the storage and handling of this material and follow applicable local building codes, fire ordinances, and insurance regulations. minimum precautions should include provision of adequate aisle ways, sprinkler head clearance, and availability of approved abc dry chemical extinguishers. In the event of ignition, douse foam with large volumes of water and remove from building.

For more information regarding storage and handling contact:
Ohio Foam Corporation
P.O. Box 208
Bucyrus. Ohio 44820, USA